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October 3 - Harvest Season is almost over!  Unlike last year, we had basically a drought for most of August/September.  We are very happy with how Mother Nature helped us out, and the grapes are lovely.

August 26 - Harvest Time!  Our annual Pick 'em & Stomp 'em event was this past weekend.  Mother Nature cooperated beautifully and we had a great turn out with lots of volunteers. 

The best-dressed harvester!

We harvested about 3 tons in less than 3 hours!

Foot Stomping!

Pressing the next day.

June 29 - Summer finally arrived!  Everything is growing nicely, so we will keep our fingers crossed for a good harvest.  It is still raining more than we need, but we have had several beautiful weekends for folks to come out and enjoy!

May 17 - Been busy on the farm!  Our sheep shearing was in April and tomorrow is our annual Spring Planting.  We've had a true spring this year, with lots of rain (again)!  Cold one day, hot the next.  Heat on at night, A/C on by day.  Crazy!

We bottled Sweet Daisy as a dessert wine this year, rather than an ice wine - very nice!

Early morning barnyard conference!

New peeps!

Impromptu music.  The weather didn't cooperate, but we held it in Bacchus' Corner and had a great time!

Evening in early spring - we already have bud break!

March 25 - This month has been all over the place, temperature-wise, but the precipitation has continued - usually in the form of rain!  We held our third wine dinner on the 9th, and it was another great success - maybe next time we'll do it under the stars!

January 14, 2019 - First snow of the new year - about 5 inches.  With any luck it is not an indication of another wet year; maybe just a snowy one!

Nov 17 - ...and the rain just keeps on coming!  Although now the temperatures are colder, so it's sleet, ice, or snow.  We had an early round last week.  Good thing harvest is done!

October 5 - Harvest is over; several weeks early.  The rains kept coming, so we harvested as fast as we could in order to salvage the grapes.  This year was the rainiest on record, with well over 50 inches of rain!  The harvests of the white grapes were very slow, with most of the time spent picking out the spoiled grapes in a bunch.  Thanks to all our harvest volunteers - it was a very trying year!

Coming in after harvest.

Rivers through the vineyard!  The tractor got stuck!

August 27 - Harvest season is upon us after about the rainiest summer ever!  While there is some damage to the grapes from all the rain, we should still get a decent harvest.  We had a perfect weekend for our annual Pick 'em & Stomp 'em and a great turnout for both harvesting and stomping!  Hopefully the rainiest months are behind us and we will be able to stay fairly dry.  I don't remember when we last were still mowing the grass at the end of August!

7/1/12 - RIP Sweet Daisy. The terrible news is that Daisy died unexpectedly Friday morning.  Anyone who has been to our tasting room met her as she loved to keep us company there and meet all our guests (and get belly rubs from them!).  She leaves a very big hole.


We are located in the Shenandoah Valley off of U.S. 340 Business between Luray and Elkton just outside of the town of Stanley.

From Luray, VA:  Use 340S Business through the town towards Stanley.  Approximately 6 miles south of Luray, turn left on 624 (Hawksbill Dr), then left on 689 (Marksville Rd). 

From Charlottesville, VA:  Take 29N to Ruckersville, then 33W to Elkton.  In Elkton, take 340N approximately 13 miles, then take 340N Business to Stanley.  Shortly after crossing the RR tracks, turn right on 689 (Chapel Rd) which turns into Marksville Rd. 

From Harrisonburg, VA:  Take 33E to Elkton. In Elkton, take 340N approximately 13 miles, then take 340N Business to Stanley.  Shortly after crossing the RR tracks, turn right on 689 (Chapel Rd) which turns into Marksville Rd. 

We are on the right in the middle of the curve after passing Pine Grove Rd, in the white Victorian with the light purple shutters.  The tasting room is in the back!  Custom Directions.

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